Brackley Elves are helping again!


Brackley Elves are launching "The Snuggle project"!
We are all aware it's getting colder and with our economic situation more and more people will be struggling to heat their homes.
As always, Brackley Elves want to help so we are setting up "The Snuggle Project" and asking people if they would crochet or knit 15cm X 15cm (6" X 6") squares that they can put together to make blankets for the elderly, struggling families and anyone who will need help keeping warm over the winter months.
Squares can be dropped off at the library for Brackley Elves.
If anyone has any blankets they would like to donate, then please message either Trish Savill, Kathryn Bundy, Alison Mahoney or Claire Readman.

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