More great activities during the Easter holiday!


Multi-Activity Day Camps for 3-14-year-olds ⚽️🎾🩰 🏀🏊🏻‍♀️🎨
Our Active Camps run every school holiday!
Easter camps running (4 – 22 April).
Full-time childcare, Monday to Friday 8:15 – 6pm, from £5 per hour.
Lots of sports and creative activities, held in the some of the finest independent schools in England with outstanding facilities including swimming with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports playing fields, woodlands and 100’s of acres to explore – what’s not to love?!
Held at the following venues, @sibfordoxon, @ryestantony, @blackheathprep, @juniorkingssch, @Beechwoodparkschool, @bishopsgateschool, @biltongrangeschool, @theleysschoolcambridge, @SherfieldSchoolHampshire, @SFSOxford and @Winchesterhouseschool.

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